Who are we?

Serious Gamers is a group, that has been founded by four students from the University of Vienna. Markus Resch, Katharina Pölzl, Katrin Waldhart and Katharina Luftensteiner are going to be teachers for the subjects: Mathematic, Computer Science, History, Geography, English, German and Psychology/ Philosophy. We started working together because of a Pedagogy seminar with a focus on digital and anolog games in education. Throughout the course of this seminar the prototype for the serious game "Stop the Mob" was created.


What is our objective?

After trying out the prototype of "Stop the Mob" in a school, we decided to hand in the concept at the Samsung mLearning contest. Because we won a first prise, we got the opportunity, to develop the game professionally. As the creative minds of "Stop the Mob" we are still strongly involved in the creation process. To keep on working in the field of educational games we decided to form this group.